Helena, MO Community

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Helena, MO is located approximately 14 miles north and east of St. Joseph, MO and 12 miles east of Savannah, MO.  Helena is a predominantly rural area that once was a railroad town.  It never became an incorporated city, but residents of the community have remained tight-knit and work together to help each other during good and bad times.

 The history of Helena begins with the C.B.&Q. Railroad making plans to build a railroad from St. Joseph to Albany in 1878.  Two very shrewd farmers, Warren Snowden and H. C. Webster, living in Rochester township on adjoining farms, found that the railroad would pass over their farms.  these two men decided to divide a portion of their land into lots and establish a town site.  Accordingly, they staked off 192 lots in 1878.  In the summer of 1879 the railroad completed its narrow guage line through the proposed town site, and the community celebrated the event on July 4.

Warren Snowden gave the railroad company right of way through the proposed town site in return for which the railroad company maintained a depot on his property.  Mr. Snowden was the first depot agent.  Mr. Webster donated a tract of land 200 feet square for a city park, and ambitious plans were made for rapid growth.  The first years of the town were uneventful.  A hotel, store, and a few houses were bujilt on the east side of  the tracks, and a small school was erected.  Helena's first location was north and east of where it is now.  That was on Snowden's land, but the town is now on land that belonged to Mr. Webster.

The land donated by H. C. Webster for a park was done with the stipulation that the park must be kept up, and that yearly functions must be held or the land would revert back to the heirs of Mr. Webster.  To that end, the community successfully celebrated the 100th year of Webster Park on the last Saturday in June, 2009. 


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